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Drawback of being free sample fan

Noting is free in this world except free sample :) at least i believe this, I know the pleasure you feel when you get something for free or almost at free. [Expired] A free sample fan has to fill many form every day with hope that he will get that thing for free, but only few sample or item he got. In fact success percentage is only 25% so 75% time a freebies fan spend on submitting form is useless But the major drawback is the spam and scam email you get everyday, If not handle wisely you can even loose money Here is 5 Scam email i got only today:-
  1. Update Your State Bank of India Online Banking Account
  3. Congratulation You Have Won Yahoo Online Lottery
  4. And the winner is... Sachin kumar
  5. Important Message From Bank of India
This is not only if you have fill up any fake form, This can also happens if you share your email at any open place for example leaving comments,at your facebook profile or any social place when anybody can get this then chances are high that you will start getting scam msgs
I will divide these scam in two type
Type1. Lottery prize winner:- You get email, Sms or Call that you have won Lottery or something
How it works:- You ask to pay some processing money to get your prize money or compensation
Once you pay the money you never get your prize money, The million dolor of question is how come anybody win the lottery if he haven't participated in any contest?
How to handle :- Never response these type of fake offer and the number one rule is never pay a single rupee to get any prize
Type2. Change your Online a/c details:- This type of scam is dangerous than type1 when you are asked to change your online bank detials
How it works:- You get an email containing a link and you are asked to change  or update your online banking details, once you do scammer use your real details to login your a/c and transfer all money or shop something using your a/c details and you lost your whole money
How to handle:- 
  1. Bank never ask you to update or change a/c detials
  2. Instead of going to the bank's website using link in emails, type the web address directly
  3. Register for transaction alert via SMS and e-mail
  4. If you change your mobile number update with bank
  5. Make an alternate email id which you have to use while fill up form or which you have to give at social place and never respond the email you get at this id
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